How to Upload Your Child’s Assessment Video

Before you upload, make sure you save the video file with your child’s name and the date you tested them. This video is confidential, will not be shared nor will it be available online to anyone.

Example file names:



Here’s how you can upload the video of your child being tested:

Option 1: Upload the video on This is free and easy to do. Simply upload the video file, put in our email address ( and add a message with your child’s name, date of testing and your email and phone contact information.

Option 2: Upload the video to your own YouTube channel (make sure you make the video “Unlisted”). Then send an email to inviting us to the link.

Option 3: Mail a recording of the video on a pen drive and mail it to Smart Kid, Can’t Read. Send an email to notifying us that you would like to mail it, and we will send you the mailing address.