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The Informal Screenings are an invaluable resource for parents. Oftentimes parents are confused about whether their child needs help with reading. The teacher says he’s fine and not to worry; he will “learn when he is ready.” But parents see their children struggling. If you face this uncertainty, you can administer an Informal Screening to your child to see if your concerns are justified. Click here for instructions on how to administer an informal screening for your child.

The Informal Screenings Package includes parent and child copies of the following:

  • Kindergarten Informal Screening
  • First Grade Informal Screening
  • Second Grade Informal Screening
  • Third Grade Informal Screening
  • Instructions are included for screening students in grades 4-12 using their own textbooks.

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The tests are also included in Smart Kid, Can’t Read, available on Amazon.


Personalized Screening Feedback

If you record your child while administering the Informal Screening, we will provide personalized feedback. Learn More


Presented by Reading Experts Lorna Kaufman, PhD and Sandra Doran, EdD

Conclusive evidence shows the importance of intervening as early as possible when a child is having difficulty learning to read. Parents and educators need to understand the signals that indicate when a child is struggling with reading. This two-part series provides parents and educators with valuable tools to help identify dyslexia and other reading problems.

Session I:  How Do We Know When A Child Has A Reading Problem?

This first session focuses on identifying children with reading problems. There are well-documented red flags that indicate when a child is at risk for developing reading problems.

Parents and educators need to be able to determine whether a child is struggling to read. It is essential to provide help as soon as children begin to struggle. Parents and educators are often confused because they do not know whether a problem is developmental or indicative of a reading disability.

Participants will also be provided with easy-to-administer informal tests developed by Dr. Kaufman that parents can give to their children at home. Videos, accessible on our website, will show parents how to administer the tests.

Session II: The Diagnosis of A Reading Disability (Dyslexia)

The evaluation of a reading disability (dyslexia) requires that a child be administered psychological tests basic to the assessment of any learning disability. There are eight additional constructs that must be evaluated for any child who is struggling with reading. Those constructs will be explained along with a discussion of how to evaluate each.

Session I:  Wednesday, November 2, 7:00-8:15pm (EDT)
Session II: Thursday, November 10, 7:00-8:15 (EST)

The fee for each individual session is $35.00
The fee for both sessions is $55.00
Fee includes our informal screening tests

Both recorded sessions will be available for purchase on our website ( for a short time for those who are unable to join us on November 2 or November 10.

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