The Informal Screenings Test

The Informal Screenings are an invaluable resource for parents. Oftentimes parents are confused about whether their child needs help with reading. The teacher says he’s fine and not to worry; he will “learn when he is ready.” But parents see their children struggling. If you face this uncertainty, you can administer an Informal Screening to your child to see if your concerns are justified.

Start by:

  • Selecting the Informal Screening that is appropriate to your child’s grade level. There is a screening written for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. Parents of students in grades 4-12 are shown how to determine whether their child can manage the demands of the reading at their grade level by using one of the textbooks from the classroom.
  • Watch the video to see how to administer the test (Click here).
  • Read the Screening Guidelines and Instructions that accompany the Informal Screening before administering them to your child.
  • Practice with an adult before administering the Informal Screening to your child.

The Informal Screening will take approximately 15 minutes to administer. The results will give you a good idea whether your child is struggling with the reading demands of his grade level. It will help you determine whether you should seek an independent evaluation with a qualified professional.

To download the free version of the Informal Screening Test Packet, click here: Smart Kid Can’t Read Informal Screening Test Packet

The tests are also included in Smart Kid, Can’t Read, available on Amazon.