Leigh Leveen, MA

Leigh Leveen

My background is not in reading education or evaluation, but I like to think that I am a product of professional osmosis – I grew up in a home where education was highly valued and where my mother was dedicated to helping children learn to read and their families learn to advocate for their children.  I was energized by the work that was going on around me.  But it wasn’t until I was a parent that I understood fully how impactful the work is and how important it is to make it your job to get your child help – and I know that sometimes it feels like a second, full-time job.

My professional background is in communications, I received a Master’s in Communications from USC Annenberg School of Communications, and have worked in various parts of the entertainment industry for 20 years, specifically television and film development and production.  I am a writer, and a producer and have worked on projects ranging from books to articles to websites and television series.  All of these projects share one thing – telling a story.  As a writer I look to tell a story in all different types of media.

I wanted to take my understanding of this process and couple it with my mother’s expertise – I know how many parents were not getting the advantage of her wealth of experience, and that writing a book was the only sure way to get her message across to the most people. What a journey!