Free Reading Tests For Your Child

Spring is often a time in the school year when parents question whether or not their child is actually reading at grade level. The Kaufman Parent ScreeningTests help parents answer this question. These tests are now available free of charge at

It is important that as a parent you act as soon as you suspect that your child is having difficulty reading.  Children don’t just “outgrow” reading problems. Once children enter the fourth grade it is much more difficult to help them catch up with their peers.

Parents are sometimes confused about whether their child is reading at grade level and don’t know when they should act.  The teacher may advise you not to worry, but you see your child struggling.  For parents who face this dilemma, a series of informal screening tests that parents can administer to their own children is available at   These informal tests are easy and quick to administer and will give you a general idea of whether your concerns are justified. 

The screening tests come with easy instructions as well as videos that demonstrate how to administer each test. You will find the videos free of charge on the website ( There are tests available for kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3. There are instructions and videos for how to determine whether children in grades 4-12 are reading at grade level.

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In 1996 the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) formed a committee of distinguished experts in the field of reading to investigate strategies for preventing reading problems.  Their report provides parents and teachers with valuable information that remains relevant today. It outlines reading goals that a student should meet from kindergarten through grade three as they are learning to read.

You will find a summary of the NAS guidelines at These are the reading skills that a student should possess at the end of that school year.  These guidelines will help you determine whether your child is on target for his grade level.

If you find that your child has trouble with the Kaufman Parent Screening Test or is not meeting NAS grade level expectations, it is time to seek a professional evaluation.

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