Sandy Doran and I are delighted to announce our first two webinars on the identification of reading problems.  We’ve put together this two part series to help answer the many questions of both parents and educators about the identification and evaluation of children who struggle to read.  I think you’ll find the webinars informative and helpful.A

All the evidence shows conclusively the importance of intervening as early as possible when children experience difficulty learning to read. This two part series will provide parents and educators with valuable tools to help identify children with dyslexia and other reading problems.  Sessions will include:

  • Red flags that indicate when a child might be at risk for developing a reading problem.
  • Informal screening tests that parents can administer to their children at home to help determine whether they need to seek a professional evaluation
  • The diagnosis of dyslexia: we will review the eight constructs that must be included in the evaluation of a reading problem and how to assess each construct.

Lorna Kaufman, PhD

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