We all need to be reminded of the urgency to act to help our children. Sandy and I are reminded of this as we present at the Learning Disabilities Association of America conference in Orlando, Florida this week. We met a wonderful group of motivated parents, educators, and administrators. Their interest in our message was evident and we were excited to let them know that our website was launched.

One participant said that the “motivation to act now was worth the session”.  Other participants loved our message about reading instruction; “no child is harmed by instruction in an evidence-based structured phonics program, but many are harmed by the absence of such a program”. This message rang true for many parents.

If you have the opportunity, try to attend a national or regional conference on reading or learning disabilities. You’ll learn from interesting speakers who are leaders in the field. You’ll have an opportunity to meet other parents and professionals. You may come away with new insights and renewed determination.

In the Events section, you can download a copy of our presentation from the conference.  We will also list some upcoming conferences around the country for you to try to attend and engage with other parents and educators.

Thank you for joining us at Smart Kid, Can’t Read!

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